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Table Grapes

Flame Seedless

The flame cultivar is an early red variety and time of harvest is beginning of June. It is very popular due to its exceptionally sweet taste and its round berries.


One of our most promising cultivars is the prime variety because of its early harvest at the beginning or middle of May and its exceptional juicy & sweet taste. It is seedless and has white medium sized berries.


Sugraone is a white seedless cultivar,time of harvest between end of May and beginning of June. Its berry size is usually medium sized.

Red Seeded

Red Seeded is a seeded red variety and is known to have huge berries. It is a late variety as time of harvest is in july.


The crimson cultivar is very popular among consumers due to its crisp and juice sweet taste. Crimson is a red seedless cultivar and time of harvest is later in the season around the middle of July.

Autumn Royal

This is a late season black seedless variety. It is known for its high sugar contents and big berry size.

Arra 13

Early season red seedless variety.

Arra 15

This is a mid season white seedless variety. It is called the "Thompson replacement" and has excellent bunch structure and berry size.

Arra 20

Mid season black seedless variety.