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     FAYEDEX is the sole distributer for All FATA products


 2 Since 2006 FATA & FayedEX perform the entire chain on the Farm in Sadat City.
2  We grow and produce the fruits on our fields. After that they are packed in our
      newly upgraded packhouse which is now covered and fully air conditioned.
2  Then the Product is directly transferred into our cold store.
2  Finally, FAYEDEX, our sister company receives the product from the coldstore 
      and exports it to the desired destination from one of Egypt's ports.


 2 Through ongoing development and growth FATA & FAYEDEX have entered
       different markets across the globe.
2  ┬áToday we proudly export to the United Kingdom , the continent and finally the far

Logistics & marketing

We export to

  • United Kingdom
  • Continent
  • Far East

Why Choose Us?

  We are dedicated to produce the by the highest quality standards
  We value our customers and constantly respond to their needs and
  We are commited to our delivery dates and ensure product safety.